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Hello World, We are the GCPR

The Global Council for Political Renewal (GCPR) is a global organization bringing together politicians at all levels around the world. Any member of a political party (and legislature) in any country or region is eligible to become a member of the GCPR.

Our Purpose

The purposes of the GCPR are to promote the cooperation of politicians
at all levels across the world, encourage a high standard of ethics and
civic discourse in political life and strive for global peace and justice.

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Ethics in Politics

Promoting ethics in politics through raising awareness

Human Rights and 

Promoting human justice and
relieving human sufferings through engagement

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Environment and 
Equitable Development

Promoting social, environmental and economic justice through policy dialogue

Global Peace

Promoting global peace 
through diplomacy

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Education and 

Advancing human development 
through research, education 
and training


Our Leadership

The GCPR's governance consists of different bodies with specific mandates and functions. Meet our people who are working across the world to advance the purposes of the GCPR.

Hon. Bridget Masango

President. Global Council

Member of Parliament 
(National Assembly)
South Africa

    Dr. Vikash Mahatme

    Chair, Executive Council

    Former Member of Parliament 
    (Rajya Sabha)

      Prof. Furio Honsell


      Member of Regional Parliament
      (Autonomous FVG Region)


        Our Events

        The activities of the GCPR are focused on promoting ethics in politics, protecting human rights, striving for social, environmental and economic justice and global peace, and advancing human development through research, education, and training.

        16 November 2023
        2 PM - 3 PM London Time

        Virtual meeting of the council for

        Ethics in Politics


        Bridget Masango MP, South Africa


        Mussa Zungu, Deputy Speaker of Tanzania


        Debbie Abrahams MP, UK

        Julius Ihonvbere MP, Nigeria

        Senator Saleem Mandviwalla, Pakistan

        Senator Clara Obregon, Colombia

        Shyam Singh Yadav MP, India

        Invitation only

        14 December 2023
        2 PM - 3 PM London Time

        Virtual meeting of the council for

        Human Rights & Relief


        Prof. Furio Honsell MRC, Italy


        Sylvia Lucas, Deputy Speaker, South Africa


        Senator Wakili Sigei, Kenya

        Geeta Chandan-Edmond MP, Guyana

        Sari Bashi, Human Rights Watch

        Dr. Mark Ellis, International Bar Assoc.

        Maja Sever, European Fed. of Journalists

        Dr. Velina Todorova, UN CRC

        Invitation only

        18 January 2024
        2 PM - 3 PM London Time

        Virtual meeting of the council for

        Environment & Equitable Development


        Prof. John Cortes, Minister, Gibraltar


        Cozier Frederick, Minister, Dominica

        Dr. Bernardo Cruz, Secretary of State Portugal

        Dr. Jassim Hammadi, Deputy Minister, Iraq

        Felix Fuentebella, Undersecretary, Philippines

        Prof. Joachim Braun, Uni. of Bonn, Germany

        Prof. Erik Berglof, AIIB, China

        Prof. Mark Howden, ANU, Australia

        Invitation only

        3 February 2024
        1 PM - 2 PM London Time

        Virtual meeting of the council for

        Global Peace


        Dr. Bernardo Cruz, Secretary of State, Portugal



        Dr. James Baird, Congressman, USA

        Prof. Dominic Chai, Senator, Malaysia

        Waven William MP, Seychelles

        Margareta Cederfelt MP, Sweden

        Amb. Stan Smith, PR of Bahamas to UN

        Invitation only

        15 -16 March 2024
        Washington, DC

        The 2nd Annual GCPR Conference


        Prof. Furio Honsell, Secretary-General, GCPR


        H.E. Faisal Al-Fayez, President of the Senate of Jordan

        Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin, Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana

        Hon. Patricia Deveaux, Speaker of the House of Assembly of the Bahamas

        Lord Fatafehi Fakafānua, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga

        Invitation only
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