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The 1st meeting of the Council for Environment & Equitable Development

(online via Zoom)

2:00 PM London time on Thursday the 24th of November 2022


Theme: The climate is changing, why aren't we?

 Chair: Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams MP, Chair of the Council for Environment  & Equitable Development

Introductory Talk

Nurul Mozumder

Global Council for Political Renewal (GCPR)


Thank you, Hon. Chair, Sarah Wescot-Williams MP. Thank you everyone.


Your continuous support and presence here today show that it is possible for you to cooperate and do things better. I believe one day this organization will lead the world in many ways. But we should continue to stay together and manage each phase of our journey wisely.


One fundamental weakness of mankind is that we desire more, more and more, we want things fast, we want it now. Human excesses create many imbalances in the planet, society, and economy. But we also have the capacity (mostly) of making corrections. If we don’t then the universe uses its mechanism to rebalance things at human cost, disproportionately sometimes. The point is: the challenges and responsibilities lie primarily with the individuals.


Many scientists, academics and practitioners have been arguing that the climate has been changing, social inequality has been increasing and the gap between rich and poor, in material sense, has been widening. So, for change, let’s all play our role to reduce the impact of our actions.


Thank you. God bless you all!


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