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Better Politics and a Brighter World are Possible.
But Change Starts Within.

Change starts within is our guiding philosophy for a better tomorrow. 
We all have the potential to be a little bit better and contribute a little bit more to our family, 
community, country and the world. We share our optimism for a brighter world in the future.

Membership is Free

Hello World, We are the GCPR

The Global Council for Political Renewal (GCPR) is an international organization bringing together politicians at all levels around the world. Any member of a political party in any country or region is eligible to become a member of the GCPR.

Our Purpose

The purposes of the GCPR are to promote the cooperation of politicians
at all levels across the world, encourage a high standard of ethics and
civic discourse in political life and strive for global peace and justice.

Ethics in Politics

Promoting ethics in politics through raising awareness

Climate change_edited.jpg

Global Peace

Promoting global peace 
through diplomacy

Education & Research _edited.jpg

Human Rights and 

Promoting human rights and
relieving human sufferings through engagement

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Environment and 
Equitable Development

Promoting social, environmental and economic justice through policy dialogue


Education and 

Advancing human development 
through research, education 
and training


Our Leadership

The GCPR's governance consists of different bodies with specific mandates and functions. Meet our people who are working across the world to advance the purposes of the GCPR.

Hon. Bridget Masango

President. Global Council

Member of Parliament 
(National Assembly)
South Africa

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Dr. Vikash Mahatme

Chair, Executive Council

Former Member of Parliament 
(Rajya Sabha)

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Prof. Furio Honsell


Member of Regional Parliament
(Autonomous FVG Region)

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Our Events

The activities of the GCPR are focused on promoting ethics in politics, protecting human rights, striving for social, environmental and economic justice and global peace, and advancing human development through research, education, and training.

28 July 2022
2 PM - 3 PM London Time

Virtual Event

Ethics in Politics


Prof. Christoph Lumer

University of Siena, Italy

Prof. Suleman Dangor, University

of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi 

MP, South Africa 

Dr. Jon Gerrard

MLA, Manitoba, Canada

29 September 2022
2 PM - 3 PM London Time

Virtual Event

Human Rights & Relief


Prof. Bonny Ibhawoh

McMaster University, Canada

Prof. Joseph Margulies

Cornell University, USA

Hon. Bridget Masango

MP, South Africa

24 November 2022
2 PM - 3 PM London Time

Virtual Event

Environment & Equitable Development


Prof. Paulo Artaxo, University of

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Prof. Sachchida Tripathi, IIT, India

Prof. Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue Cornell University, USA

Prof. John Cortes, Minister for Environment ..., Gibraltar, UK


26 January 2023
2 PM - 3 PM London Time

Virtual Event

Global Peace


Prof. Amaney Jamal

Princeton University, USA

Prof. Oliver Richmond

University of Manchester, UK

Hon. Alan Winde, Premier of Western Cape, South Africa 


14-15 April 2023

Inaugural GCPR Conference


To be announced

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